Across the Street or Across the Country

We promise a “Pure Start and a Fresh Finish” day in and day out.

What We Stand For:

Integrity, Accountability, & Passion.

Provide a healthy & safe work environment for our employees and yours

Investing in safety, training, and technology to create a more efficient service system.

We are committed to internal education to best serve our clients.

We use ultra-fast reporting systems, eco-safe products, & IoT Equipment.

We pride ourselves on complete transparency with our clients.

Uniformity Across Platforms

Warehouse in California, Headquarters in Texas?  Whether you have a portfolio of 2 or 20 locations, we have you covered. 

PURE University

How do we do it so well?  It all starts with selecting the best of the best and making them better! Our in-house staff undergoes rigorous training to make sure our clients receive the best service.

Why Pure Facility Solutions?

Here's why we stand out from the competition:

We Hear You

The key to a successful partnership is communication. As a trend setter in customer service we believe staying connected is priority.

We Save You Money

Training, technology, and strategic sourcing allows us to pass on the savings. We know your industry and know the importance to overall spend.

We Get Along

Training, supervision, communication, documentation, and accountability. These are only a few items that help to ensure compatibility.

We are in this for the long haul.

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