Who We Are

Pure Cleaning Solutions was created in 2020 to provide the healthiest and cleanest environment possible for companies across the United States.  We help you focus on the important things: your business & the health of your employees. 

Our Values

  • Integrity – We are transparent with our clients.
  • Accountability – We own our expectations and responsibilities.
  • Passion – We foster an enthusiastic culture for our work as a team.
  • Leadership – Our leadership is at the ground level with the team.
  • Ownership – We take responsibility for our results.

Our Mission

Pure Facility Solutions is committed to providing cost-effective and responsive service for maintenance and operation of your facilities. Caring for the physical environment for those who want to stay healthy and safe at work is our mission.

Our Methodology

We empower our frontline staff to implement immediate changes that will enhance the curb appeal, asset value, and safety for all who travel in or around the facilities that we service. We provide our clients a custom approach to optimize their spend and meet budgetary requirements.  

Our Education

PURE University is the core of our mission. Leadership commitment and employee commitment go hand-in-hand. Pure Facility Solutions is committed to continual education to enhance the work environment and promote growth for all of its staff. 

Our Technology

We use technology optimization to help the bottom line. We implement the most up-to-date equipment – better technology, better outcome. We want our staff to have all the tools to make their jobs safer and more efficient.

Our Accountability

In order to create this culture of passionate forward thinking, we need to encourage and reward people for being accountable. Our front line staff so often sees life as it really is and can provide informative insights into customer needs. Learning is the key to acquiring skills, and working in a supportive environment helps each employee practice and hone their skills. Our team culture allows for the willingness to admit mistakes, and to learn from them.